Overseas Capital Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in business development and project management, in Iran, an area undergoing structural changes, by providing a large array of consulting services to new and expanding business in all sectors. As an emerging market-focused advisory firm, we provide a full suite of services to large and MPI’s companies giving them a competitive advantage for their growth.


Our business consulting services can help with all aspects of your business, at any stage. Our team is specialized in advising clients on business start-ups, strategic alignment, project management, export finance and facilitation including any kind of protection for the on-site staff. Each project is supervised by a qualified expert, with a perfect knowledge of both the industry and its market with the advantage of face-to-face interactions by those who know and live the local market and speak the local language. OCC helps its clients succeed in Iran by using data, instead of guesswork, to develop and implement solutions to their most important strategic marketing, sourcing and investment challenges. With OCC’s assistance, our clients make the right decisions, execute them flawlessly, and increase their competitiveness in the Iranian market. Overseas Capital Consulting is the only company in Europe and Iran able to guarantee and provide full assistance for Export Finance, discount of usance L/CS, project finance, bond issue, recovery of claims and silent confirmation of documentary credit opened by every either public or private banks. We can also support companies providing alternative insurance on their credit not only for political and commercial risk but also for undue standardised guarantees and for the arbitrary cancellation of contract

We, at Overseas Capital Consulting believe that business needs to be approached from new directions. Our aim is to be an ‘idea carrier’, that is much more than networking and carrying ideas from one place to another. We focus on our clients’ issues and problems and by doing this, we often come up with new ideas from previous experiences or from other companies or clients we have been working with. Bringing fresh ideas is part of the value we can offer to our clients. This does not only help our customers to sell products or services but it adds value for mutual benefit.


Overseas Capital Consulting’s mission is to guide companies through the process of strategic change. We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization, technology and competition. Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.


This mission is expressed in our corporate motto:

Guiding Companies Through Change