Overseas Capital Consulting offers a large array of business consulting qualified services aimed to solve all the issues you may face when setting up a new business in Iran. It is your all-inclusive assistance in starting, carrying out and growing your business in the Iranian market. What sets us apart is our superior service and responsiveness, using clear strategies to reduce risk and leave behind innovative, flexible cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Services available, at any stage of your business, to all of our clients through our network include:



Export Finance is the biggest issue when working in Iran. International trade can be a complex business and awarding an order often depends on the exporter’s ability to finance the importer, especially in an emerging market such as Iran with still some elements on sanctions to be considered and evaluated. Overseas Capital Consulting is the only company in Europe and Iran able to guarantee and provide full assistance for Export Finance, discount of usance L/CS, project finance, bond issue, recovery of claims and silent confirmation of documentary credit opened by every either public or private banks. We can also support companies providing alternative insurance on their credit not only for political and commercial risk but also for undue standardised guarantees and for the arbitrary cancellation of contracts.


Based on analysis, it provides our clients with the most promising export opportunities by specific product, taking into account market size and growth and trade access. In our approach of the discriminate analysis, we emphasize both the demand side and supply side of the export possibilities.


We help our clients to find new growth opportunities by allowing businesses to define their growth goals, such as expanding into Iran or connecting with the right partner and the right business model i.e. a distribution contract or a JV or a franchising agreement.


Overseas Capital Consulting provides a complete array of services for company incorporation in the target market. We can provide legal advisory,legal representational, legal arbitration and conciliation/mediation, legal documentation and certification services. Tax planning, PR and communication.


We are able to provide local services to control on site your new business: accountancy and payroll services, legal advice, financial statements, budgetary control, IT support, communications. OCC can also provide technical staff in every field as well as staff training at any level.